Ladies Mohair Socks - South Mountain, ON


With unparalleled insulation and cushioning, these socks are the most comfortable, warm and durable socks that you will ever own. Ideal for working, playing and walking outside. Mohair is very soft and comfy. There is minimal friction on your feet which makes them ideal for blister free trekking.

Successfully tested in Antarctica and on the world’s highest peaks.

These socks are knit with large loops of luxuriously soft 75/25 kid mohair/nylon yarn. Machine washable, hang to dry. 

Size: 7/9 (Will most likely fit shoe sizes 6-10)



Artisan Profile

Designed in South Mountain, ON

Thermohair Inc. is a family business, started by Theresa in 1992. To read Thermohair's amazing story from idea to execution, click here.