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Summer 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

Summer 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

Whether you’re visiting a local beach, having a picnic at the playground, road tripping through the mountains or pitching a tent in a provincial park, our Summer Acre75 Gathered box was curated to be the best complement to your summer adventures!⁠

Can you believe that this was our FIFTH Summer Acre75 Gathered box? We launched Acre75 Gathered with the Summer box back in 2019! Since then, we have supported and featured close to 100 small town Canadian makers, putting thousands of dollars back into local economies coast-to-coast.

Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box

Scrub Inspired Body and Foot Scrub Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box

When all else fails, take a vacation - Betty Williams

Here's what we gathered in our Summer 2023 Acre75 Gathered box:

Sapsucker - Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box

Organic Sparkling Tree Water
Set the stage with friends and let the good times shine on with Sapsucker. Lightly carbonated with a 'subtle bubble', Sapsucker is certified organic, ultra-hydrating, and sustainably harvested from Canadian maple trees. Sap is naturally sweet and delicious. It's a healthier alternative to pops, juices, and other carbonated beverages that rely on artificial sweeteners to make their drinks taste great. Sapsucker is now available in 6 refreshing flavours: Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Original, and Peach.

Located In: Flesherton, ON
Flesherton Fun Fact: Flesherton is a designated “walking village” and is home to a 100 acre hiking area known as The Flesherton Hills
Cheddar Enercheez - Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box
Cheddar Enercheez®
This mouthwatering cheese snack is a convenient source of energy, protein and calcium that you can easily take along for any summer adventure. It doesn't require refrigeration and contains no additives or preservatives.

Made by: Mountain Munchies Inc.
Located In: Nelson, BC
Nelson Fun Fact: In Nelson, you can take a ride back in time along their waterfront on a fully restored streetcar that was once in use in the first half of the 20th century.
Colibri Canada Reusable Wetbag - Summer 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box
Reusable Wet Bag
So many uses for one amazing bag! This reusable wet bag is great for camping, traveling, swimming, laundry, dirty name it! The two straps allow the bag to hang on towel rods, furniture, luggage or strollers and can also be looped together to form a handle.

Made by: Colibri Canada
Located In: St. Adolphe, MB
St. Adolphe Fun Fact : St. Adolphe is home to the World's Largest Snow Maze. It features over 4,700 feet of snow corridors to explore
Eve's Crackers - Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box
Savoury Sunflower Flaxseed Crackers
Satisfyingly savoury notes of umami and garlic make this cracker ridiculously snackable. Your chips better watch out. Enjoy these plain, straight out of the bag, or dunk them into some fresh salsa.

Made by: Eve's Crackers
Located In: Langley, BC
Langley Fun Fact: Langley is home to a Mural Walk featuring over 25 one-of-a-kind works of art in their downtown area.
Au Naturel Key Lime Lip Balm - Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box
Au Naturel Key Lime Lip Balm
Fresh, sweet and slightly tart, this lip balm is infused with the root of Marshmallow to help condition, soften and moisturize your lips.

Made by: Pearl and Moss Botanicals
Located In: Wawa, ON
Wawa Fun Fact: Wawa was an original fort/post location for the fur trade in Canada, known nowadays as The Hudson’s Bay Company.
Scrub Inspired Body and Foot Scrub - Acre75 Gathered Summer 2023 Box
Hawaiian Sunrise Body & Foot Scrub
This brightening mix of tropical fruits is the treat your skin deserves. Made with fresh pineapple puree and coconut oil to exfoliate and moisturize, this scrub will give your skin that perfect summer glow all year long.
Made by: Scrub Inspired
Located In: North Sydney, NS
North Sydney Fun Fact: North Sydney acts as the marine link for the Trans-Canada Highway to Newfoundland and is often called "the Gateway to Newfoundland"
We hope you loved unboxing our Summer 2023 Acre75 Gathered box with us!

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