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Fall 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

Fall 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

This box of small town love was curated to bring warmth, comfort, and a touch of magic to your fall season.

With the six small businesses featured this season, we have officially supported over 100 different small town makers in Acre75 Gathered! How amazing is that!?!?

My favourite thing about this box is that every single item was made to order for the Fall box over the summertime. These makers poured hours and hours of time into producing their products for all of you to enjoy! Kim from Lot 8 in Stratford even documented her entire journey making the tissue box covers on her Instagram account.

Here's what we gathered in our Fall 2023 Acre75 Gathered Box:

Canvas Tissue Box Cover by Lot 8 Made in Stratford, ON Fall Acre75 Gathered Canadian Subscription Box

Canvas Tissue Box Cover

Transform ordinary tissue boxes with this beautiful handmade canvas cover. The elegant and intentional design adds charm to any room while keeping tissues handy.

Made by: Lot8
Located in: Stratford, ON
Stratford Fun Fact: Stratford boasts a plethora of well-preserved Victorian architecture, particularly in its downtown core. Visitors can explore the picturesque streets and enjoy the charming heritage buildings that give Stratford its distinct character. 


Cheese and Garlic Biscuit Mix by Stone Bridge Flour in Ripley, ON Acre75 Gathered Fall Canadian Subscription Box

Cheese & Garlic Biscuit Mix

This Cheese & Garlic Biscuit recipe is simple and quick to add to any dinner. Made using stone-milled flour from wheat grown on The Devitt Family farm in Ripley, Ontario. 

Made by: Stone Bridge Flour
Located in: Ripley, ON
Ripley Fun Fact: Ripley is home to the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens. This public garden is the first of its kind in Canada using tourism to address the issues of food insecurity and sustainable agriculture.


Cozy Crochet Pumpkin Made by Amy Nicole Designs in Milverton, On Acre75 Gathered Fall Canadian Subscription Box

Cozy Crocheted Pumpkin

This handmade, crocheted pumpkin will infuse your home with simple autumn charm. 

Made by: Amy Nicole Designs
Located in: Milverton, ON
Milverton Fun Fact: Milverton is home to a significant Amish community. Visitors can experience the Amish way of life, with horse-drawn buggies and traditional craftsmanship often on display.


Sweater Weather Candle made by Woven and Wicks Acre75 Gathered Fall Canadian Subscription Box

Sweater Weather Candle

Embrace the cozy ambiance of crisp autumn days as this inviting aroma of apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg fills your home.

Made by: Woven + Wicks
Located in: Tara, ON
Tara Fun Fact: Tara is famous for its annual "Tara Festival of Crafts." Held since 1973, this craft fair showcases the work of talented artisans from across the region.


Sandalwood Potato Soap made by By The Sea Soap Shoppe in Bloomfield, PE Acre75 Gathered Fall Canadian Subscription Box

Potato Sack Sandalwood Potato Soap

Potato soap? Yes! And it comes with its own little potato sack! This soap is made using potato water - the water you get every time you boil potatoes. This water is filled with B and C vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and more. You will love it! Vegan, natural ingredients, phthalate free.

Made by: By The Sea Soap Shoppe
Located in: Bloomfield, PE
Bloomfield Fun Fact: Bloomfield has a strong agricultural heritage and is known for its beautiful farmlands and rolling countryside. The area is particularly famous for its potato farming.


Pumpkin Pie Pecans Made by Jewels Under the Kilt Acre75 Gathered Fall Canadian Subscription Box

Pumpkin Pie Pecans

Made using farm-fresh pumpkin and a blend of hand cracked nutmeg and spices, these pecans capture the essence of autumn in every bite.

Made by: Jewels Under the Kilt
Located in: Fergus, ON
Fergus Fun Fact: Fergus is famous for their annual Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games. Held since 1936, it is one of the oldest Highland Games in North America. 


Bring some coziness into your fall days, all while supporting seven small town businesses. Get your Fall Acre75 Gathered box now!

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