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DIY Wax Wrap Formula (One Puck) - Brockville, ON


Using your own cotton fabric, this Beeswax Formula is a convenient way for you to produce your own gorgeous food wraps. The wrap will stick to itself creating a seal to keep your food nice and fresh. The Beeswax Formula is a mixture of pure Canadian beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and pine resin, and contains the perfect blend to make your own versatile and long-lasting food wraps.

One flower puck covers 1 small (7"x7") + 1 medium (10"x10") + 1 large wrap (13"x13").

SMALL WRAP 7" x 7" Ideas:

Seal the end of a cucumber, wrap half a lemon or an avocado - even a small snack.  Save your onion but not that smell!

MEDIUM WRAP 10" x 10" Ideas:

Store cheese, wrap a muffin or cover a bowl.

LARGE WRAP 13" x 13" Ideas:

Wrap a crusty loaf of bread or stop a bunch of fresh herbs from going slimy (wash as you use them). Seal half a squash, melon or cabbage.

Wash in cold water. Use mild soap as needed. Air dry, fold or roll and store in your drawer for multiple uses (or place in a basket on your counter top so you don’t forget about them!).

Artisan Profile 

Made by Bees - Brockville, ON 

Priscilla is a beekeeper with a passion for honeybee advocacy. She started her beekeeping journey as a hobby with her children. When they spread their wings and left home, she morphed into a “Queen Bee”, and Made By Bees took flight.