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Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box Unboxed

Brimming with wellness essentials, our Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered box was designed to uplift both body and soul, carrying our subscribers through the last days of winter and creating a ton of excitement for spring!

What's more, this box commemorated a significant milestone—our 20th season of shipping Acre75 Gathered boxes! Throughout these past 20 seasons, we've had the privilege of supporting over 100 Canadian small town businesses, injecting over three quarters of a million dollars back into local economies across the country!

Reaching this milestone is a testament to our steadfast dedication to championing small town businesses and creating connections through every Acre75 Gathered box.

One of our most loyal Acre75 Gathered subscribers said this about her Acre75 Gathered boxes: "Between CBC's "Still Standing" and your beautiful town descriptions in your Acre75 Gathered boxes, I have been compiling a 'wish list' of small towns my husband and I plan to visit this year. Thank you so much for what you do."

Here's to the next 20 seasons of connecting you to beautiful Canadian small towns and the incredible businesses flourishing within them!

Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box
Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box
Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box

Here's what we gathered in our Spring 2024 Acre75 Gathered Box:

Salted Classic Sea Salt Caramels

Classic Sea Salt Caramels
Indulge in the luxurious goodness of these handcrafted caramels, free from artificial flavours or preservatives. 

Made by: Salted.
Located in: Flagstaff County, AB
Flagstaff County Fun Fact: The three women owners of Salted. come from different rural communities in Flagstaff County. They all have family ties to agriculture and farming, which is a vibrant part of the local economy.

Your Green Kitchen Drawstring Produce Bag

Wildflowers Drawstring Bag
Versatile and eco-friendly, this multipurpose fabric drawstring bag can serve as a produce bag, stylish lunch tote or a road trip bag for snacks and toys. 

Made by: Your Green Kitchen
Located in: Nakusp, BC
Nakusp Fun Fact: You can explore local art through a self-guided tour in Nakusp, where businesses and artists collaborate for an artistic experience organized by the Arrow Lakes District Arts Council.

L'Atelier de Morgane Floral Notepad and Bookmark Set

Floral Notepad and Bookmark Set
Organize your thoughts and tasks effortlessly with this beautiful notepad, complemented by a lovely bookmark to save your spot in your favourite book.

Made by: L'Atelier de Morgane
Located in: St-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC
St-Mathieu-du-Parc Fun Fact: St-Mathieu-du-Parc is home to the Mokotakan Museum, an ecomuseum showcasing Québec’s 11 Aboriginal Nations with architectural recreations. 

Huron Earth Cough and Cold Salve

Cough and Cold Salve
Crafted from local herbs and beeswax, this herbal salve, enriched with essential oils, aids against coughs, colds, and congestion.

Made by: Huron Earth
Located in: New Hamburg, ON
New Hamburg Fun Fact: New Hamburg holds the designation of a Heritage Conservation District (HCD) under the Ontario Heritage Act, highlighting a geographically defined municipal area recognized for its distinct heritage character.

Spring Sugar Scrub Oak and Aspen Soapery

Spring Sugar Scrub
An ideal scrub for those who appreciate a light and sophisticated aroma while renewing dry and dull skin.

Made by: Oak and Aspen Soapery
Located in: Ardrossan, AB
Ardrossan Fun Fact: Ardrossan, nestled in Strathcona County, thrives with a vibrant new Recreation Complex, featuring a twin pad arena and an agriculture and nature-themed spray park.

Bush Berry Tea Relax and Renew Herbal Tea

Relax and Renew Herbal Tea
Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, steep, and release. This blend of flower petals and potent herbs helps alleviate stress and invites a soft sense of peace to soothe anxiety.

Made by: Bush Berry Tea
Located in: Nakusp, BC
Nakusp Fun Fact: Nakusp is home to the community-operated Nakusp Hot Springs, featuring two pools fed daily with 200,000 litres of fresh water from nearby natural mineral springs. 

Nith Valley Apiaries Tumeric and Ginger Honey

Tumeric and Ginger Honey
Designed for winter blues and golden milk lattes, this honey blend features immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory turmeric, calming ginger, and can be enjoyed straight from the jar, in lattes, or on toast.

Made by: Nith Valley Apiaries
Located in: New Hamburg, ON
New Hamburg Fun Fact: The scenic Nith River winds through New Hamburg, passing its downtown core, where a 50-foot waterwheel, built in 1990, stands as a captivating landmark.

Tullamore Lavender Acre75 Gathered

Tullamore Lavender
Tullamore Lavender Co. (TLC) is a small-scale lavender farm working hard to bring a little more TLC into the world. They are hyper focused on creating thoughtful lavender products + experiences that are beautiful, unique + environmentally conscious. Acre75 Gathered subscribers were given an exclusive discount code to use online or in-person at Tullamore Lavender Co. this summer. 

Located in: Arthur, ON
Arthur Fun Fact: During WWII, the Toronto Star recognized Arthur as the Most Patriotic Village in Canada, as one out of every seven Arthur residents fought in the war.


If you would like to subscribe to Acre75 Gathered, our subscriptions will reopen on March 20, 2024 and our next box set to ship is the Summer 2024 Acre75 Gathered box in early June!

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