Antler Matches

Antler Matches

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Each match box contains approximately 20 matches.


Artisan Profile

F As In Frank Paper Goods Co.
Vancouver, B.C. (Not a small town but we love F As In Frank's products and their earth-friendly practices. They also make all of their paper products on an antique letterpress! There’s always an exception to the rule!)

F as in Frank Paper Goods Co. (FAIF) present unique designs printed on quality stock. FAIF uses earth-friendly materials, sourcing 100% cotton papers for their cards and envelopes, and recycled or bio-degradable materials for their packaging and catalogs. Their commitment to these standards is universal and they strive to integrate them into all aspects of their business. It's about value, it's about appeal, and it's about care. But most of all, it's about making an impression. At F As In Frank, they’re saying something.

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