A Pocket Doodle by Number - Hubbards, NS

A Pocket Doodle by Number - Hubbards, NS



Doodle Lovely's first ever POCKET Doodle by Number BookSweet Treats!

This bite-sized 5.5 x 7.5 inch version of the Doodle By Number, is great to stick in your purse, briefcase, suitcase or other bag and take with you on the go. Filled with over 30 delicious designs and inspirational quotes, this mini doodling book for grown ups can provide hours of fun and relaxation anywhere!



Artisan Profile

Doodle Lovely 
Hubbards, NS 

Doodle Lovely is about bringing intentional calm and creativity using doodling as a key tool to help quiet the mind and connect to a place deep inside, that needs daily attention.

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