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Walkers OneShot Medium - Collingwood, ON

Walkers OneShot Medium - Collingwood, ON



If you like a good Caesar that leaves a little sting on your lips and a little heat on your palette, Walkers OneShot Medium Caesar Elixir will bring a truly satisfying blend leaving you wanting more! Known as their most popular flavour to date, Walkers OneShot's Medium Heat Caesar Elixir is a perfectly balanced and versatile blend of bold herbs, spices, and heat!

Heat Level: MEDIUM

Instructions for use:
1. Rim your Glass
2. Add lots of ice
3. Add your spirit of choice (not required)
4. Add Clam or Tomato Juice
5. Shake Walkers OneShot Elixir well
6. Add one ounce of Walkers OneShot Caesar Elixir to the top of your drink, stir
7. Garnish & Serve


Artisan Profile

Walkers OneShot
Collingwood, ON

Use Walker’s OneShot to make your perfect, custom-spiced Caesar, and polish it off with Walkers OneShot Rimmer. They have taken the Caesar Cocktail to a whole new level of “awesomeness”.

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