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Cedar Soap Saver - Wellesley, ON

Cedar Soap Saver - Wellesley, ON



Using a soap saver helps handmade soap last longer!

Purple Martin Naturals handcraft these 3 1/2" square lovelies using scraps of kiln-dried cedar. Cedarwood is naturally resistant to water, so there's no need to apply any finish. Plus cedar smells great & brings a spa feeling to any bath.



Artisan Profile

Purple Martin Naturals

Purple Martin Naturals is operated by a small family team of artists, farmers, dreamers and doers in Wellesley, ON. They have been using locally-produced oils to make soap since 2016. Their focus is on formulating quality handmade luxuries using local, natural ingredients that nurture you while respecting the environment. They responsibly harvest wild botanicals from their country property and lovingly blend them into their unique products. They source ingredients as locally as possible and limit their use of tropical oils that have taken trans-oceanic voyages.

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